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Wi Se Mates International Co., Ltd.

Wi Se Mates International Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, Is the production of modular professional manufacturer of aluminum extrusion,

Our factory is near to Wurih at the Formosa Freeway Interchange, Factory mechanical equipment to provide customers better services; the Company had more than 100 aluminum extrusion Style, 300 kinds of assembly parts, sufficient response to the general assembly of the necessary machinery industry, with aluminum extrusion operation box and support bracket arm joints, fence rails series,the module slider accessories, etc., to provide cost-effective automated machinery manufacturers and beautiful of the material . The Company also produces various style conveyor, you are welcome to come visit and advise the company.


Website if the text part of any negligence or omission, Hope that all the predecessors to the wing, let us work together to contribute to the evolution of human life an effort!

Operating Items:

  • Modular aluminum extrusion and assembly of parts
  • Aluminum extrusion operation box and support bracket arm joints
  • Fence rails Series
  • Aluminum extrusion conveyor standardization production
  • Automated conveyor equipment design、 planning、construction
  • Rack assembly problem free consultation

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